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Why is the Netflix Series “Stranger Things” a strangely phenomenal hit and hype series?

stranger things

Why is the Netflix Series “Stranger Things” a strangely phenomenal hit and hype series?

First thing to do is watch the trailer.

Based on the trailer, it will make you want to watch the series because it teases you to find out answers on how did the boy just vanished into thin air. And what is the connection of the bald girl bleeding black blood? Is she a supernatural being? The setting of the story makes it more interesting because it happened way back the 80’s which gives you the classic feels. It will tickle your curiosity on supernatural and stranger things.

Chapter 1 : The Vanishing of Will Byers


Creepy sound backgrounds

The first 8 minutes and the opening billboard of the episode will already give you the X-files feels of the series because of its creepy sound backgrounds. The sound engineering and the music production did their research on how should a classic should sound.


The old school playtime

Because the setting of the story happened way back the 80’s, there were no xbox, ipad or any gadget but rather just toys not guns or any violent toy but real toys. It gave me the nostalgic feeling of when I was a child at their age playing toys.

The language kids talk

If almost things have change today compare before there was technology, there is one thing that haven’t changed and it is the way kids talk.  The black boy and Lukas graham boy know already the foul words. The language is still crazy as f**k!

Horny Teens

When there are teens in a series you should expect kissing and kissing and kissing. Karen (sister of Mike) the smart and beautiful who’s most scenes are kissing the popular and rich Steve Harrington.

The guardians of the galaxy character (GROOT)

If you think crossover of Marvel characters only happens in a superhero series well this series is an exception.  The creepy supernatural being that was chasing and allegedly kidnap Will Byers looks like the guardian of the galaxy character Groot.

The 7 years singer lookalike kid (LUKAS GRAHAM)

Not only Marvel superheroes but also musician. Dustin, one of the friends of Will looks like the kid version of the 7 years singer Lukas Graham

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Another crossover from the Marvel universe is a Deadpool character “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”. The weird hungry girl who escape from the laboratory who is likely a mutant who can move things like the annoying noisy electric fan.

The Glee mother

If you’re a glee fan then you will recognize the mother of Mike, friend of Will Byers. She looks like the ex-wife of Will Schuester (glee). I guess she found a new husband who enjoyed his chicken.

The hot Sherlock police chief

Debuting his appearance shirtless and his zipper wide open is the best way to make an impression. At first, I thought he was just drunk and dumb police but as the story continues his character gets strangely attractive.  As he continue to find Will Byers, his Sherlock skills and his back story makes you like him.



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From the permanent collect at the DeCordova Museum.  Shot with my iPhone 4. From the permanent collect at the DeCordova Museum. Shot with my iPhone 4.

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